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Also in older posts i said how i got the part of Peter Pan... Well i have PICTURES! The show was GREAT! Best one my high school has put on in a LOOONG time. We had People who came the first night come to all 4 shows! Everyone fit there part (and if you personally know me you know i am like a little kid anyway so), we all worked SUPER HARD and WE NAILED THE FLYING!!!! Funny/horrific stories about my flying exoeriances...

Dispite being ran into the "wall" set prolly over 50 times and being dropped on my knees (popping my left knee completely outta joint) from 16 feet on the air, Flying was alot of fun. (this totally sounds like the begining of an awesome personal narritive) ALthough we were unable to do tyhe amazing Audiance fly (i was bummed about not being able to do that!!) where i would accually be harnessed onto a pengillum wire that would "fly" my over top of the audiance, i still had fun being catapolted outta the window while one of my 3 "flyers" JUMPED off a 12 foot ladder, (oh man was that thrilling! Better then rideing a roller coaster! NO LIE!) and i had fun on MY wire (there were 2 diffrent kinda of wire riggings on the stage. 3 that really could only go up and down unless you made them, as you were flying, move side to side for the Darling kids, and my window fly when i enter the nursery and flew outta ot with Jane in the end, and my AWESOME line that not only went up and down but side to side! That was the dangeruos rigging.
We had a Pro from ZFX come in named Alex who taught us to "Fly" and taught 6 average men how to "fly us" and taught my good friend taylor how to unhook us in like less then a second flat. Well Alex was still there (i believe it was his last night outta 3 nights he was there) my 3 flyers (one who was incharge of my up and down movement, one who was in charge of my side to side movement and one who was pretty much the eyes of the operation, called a behind the curtian spotter) were flying me and Alex was my on stage spotter (by that i mean if i lost my balence and the people that were holding on my wire didnt pull enough to get me back up, Alex would catch me.) and the guy mis judged my landing on the fire placeand i was to low and going pretty fast and i ran right into the fire place. Scared that crap outta me. Then a time like 2 days before opening night, someone was messing around with the color lights on stage and lowered um. Well we didnt know they did that cuz if we did know we would have rose um back up cuz they were right in font of my line, and so we were going through the sequence and then i started to like fly funny and i was like o crap, and the thing alot of ppl didnt relize was that once your up there flying, you have NOOOOOOO control of what happens! You have to leave it up to your flyers. Well My wire got caught on that and i was flying at prolly 45 MPH right at the wall set and i took that stupid thing down. I broke some stuff on it but i really didnt care. Then we were doing the Window Entrence and the guy gave me the ok, jumped landed on his mat but lost his grip and i just fell from 16 feet in the air. Yeah so here are just a few Peter Pan Stories. More later!!

While i was in this show i felt almost famous. It was cool. I had to get up real early to go to Radio Interviews and got a bunch of pics in 3 diffrent news papers, and everyone knew my name. It was cool. But trust me, it was ALOT of hard work!!!

Here are some Pics!

-Me and my friend Taylor Chillin' In the wing before i had to go on!

-me flying with knee pads.

-The cast Pic! I LOOOVE IT! Look at the way im looking at Hook! ^_^ ( he did have an AWESOME wig for the real show)

- Me (in the Background) "scaring" Wendy and Micheal(that little boy was soooo cuuute!)

-thats Hook! ^_^

-me and the lost boys singing 'Wendy'

-The 'I'm Flying' Sequence! ^_^

Well i hope you enjoyed this post and ill have more pics at a later time!!


New pics!! ^_^

Here are some new pictures of myself. I changed quite a bit since my last pic post! ^_^

Tell me what you think.


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a whole lotta randomness...

postin' some pics...
some new..
some old..
some joyfull..
some cold..
im a poet..
and i didn't
even know it..

yeah so im posting this pic... to basically tell you all how i MISS MY UBER LONG HAIR!! I WAS SOOO PURDY!! :( But it's gone now and i have to repect that fact... T_T
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This one is a NEW pic of me after i put my hair up in a faux-hawk!!! Yeah!! It didn't really like me that hair glue... :(
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And this is my depressed pic... yup... thatsss meeeee!!
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&& now i prolly took up 75% of your friends postes thingers... but maybe i wouldn't if someone taught me the link thinger... yeah... that'd be niccce! ^_^

Well yeah... im happy... cuz she's happy... and thats all i ask for... ^_^

yup... well im off now




SO yeah... im no longer single!! ^_^

New PICCYS! ^_^

Yup! Thats right! Im amazing... and i have new pics... cuz i have nothing better to do with my life! ^_^

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welll thats all for now children! ^_^



and one more new pic... sorry for taking up space on your freinds bobjiggers...

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Oh... and i meet someone today... she seems amazing... ^_^
NEWWWW PICS! Yeah... cuz i freckin' ROCK!



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Here are my pics of my new haircut! <3 I LOOVE IT!

I cut it for 'Peter Pan'.
I got the part of... well... Peter Pan... >_<


Tell me what you think!



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(oh and it is EXACTLY the same as Cathy Rigbys!! ^_^)


wow! I havent updated in a LOOONNNG time!
Im now single and looking for someone to call my own (again)
and i am talking to my ex's Katie and Caitlin again!
Infact... caitlin is like one of my closest friends as of right now!
So yeah...

Jenn dumped me for a guy... kinda pissed me off.. but yeah...


So that means... i cut my hair! Yup!
I did it yesterday!


Ill post pics of it later!!

tahts all for now!!



Me and Caitlin are no longer together... im with an AMAZING girl by the name of Jenn (JD) and i REALLY REALLY like her... ^_^ ALOT!